Apps of the Month: May




We all set ourselves goals, especially right at the start of the year, coming up with resolutions which we give up with in 10 days to never try again. Linkagoal tries to stop us giving up, with the belief that guidance, accountability and resources are what you need to stay on a goal and achieve it. The app is beautiful visually, clearly designed by someone with an eye for illustration but it is its integration with your social networks and other apps that really makes it useful, providing timely reminders at the right time (based on algorithms) to give you a kick up the backside when necessary.





I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. Having sent a text and wanted to wish it back happens more often than we all care to admit, thankfully the people behind reTXT have come up with a solution. The app is cross platform, and outside of being a standard messaging app the key difference is that it lets you delete and edit messages that have already been sent. Yup, its over!





On first look, Breaking doesn’t seem to do much, but once you’ve peeked behind the curtain there actually is a hell of a lot going on. Upfront all your provided with is a searchbox to filter through your favourite newsfeeds, but dig a little into the settings and you hit the jackpot. Adding it as a widget to the Notification Centre gives you access to all of your latest news stories, right on the front of your phone… basically an RSS reader. Genius.





Scanbot is kind of like Adobe’s future proof scanning, but in an app. What it does is essentially by taking a photo it crops and scans to all of the important information (how that exactly works I dont know) and then saves it and uploads to your online storage, so its accessible across devices. Its another brilliantly designed application that makes some fantastic use of colour planning and functional layouts. The Pro version gives you some cool little features, like automatic tagging and text search.



workflow app


Workflow is much like IFFT. Its a immensly powerful app that creates a timeline of steps between applications, reducing your time spent on your devices. A good example is taking a photo and having it automatically tagged, uploaded to Google Drive and tweeted out. Told you its powerful.





Anyone running their own business or freelancing knows the importance of keeping your receipts and tracking them. ReceiptGen not only allows you to store your receipts digitally, but more importantly it has the power to resurrect any you’ve lost. If you’ve lost a receipt but know the details, using the app and a bit of form filling you can get a receipt ready for your Tax people in 1/2/3.


Fantastical 2

fantastical 2


When the iOS7 update came through the brilliant Calendar app unfortunately got nerfed. The app is designed by designers so the UX and UI of it is top notch with some clever little design elements thrown in to really make it a doddle to use. The app supports the usual bunch of things, but it excels in organising meetings thanks to the way it refocuses the visual language. Oh and were yet to find any lag.




Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement to make the best of our days and this is where the brand new app ‘Tomorrow’ comes in. The idea behind it is that on the days your in a really cheerful and energetic mood you leave yourself ‘booster’ messages that play on the days that your not-so-cheerful. In the hope that you continue your hot streak rather than begin falling down the spiral of discontent.

Wifi Mapper



It doesn’t matter where you are and who you are chances are if there was a way of telling you where to find Wi-Fi hotspots, you’d bite their hands off. Wifi Mapper helps direct you to over 500million free Wi-Fi hotspots all over the world, along with information on the venue. So you know… you don’t have to deal with surfing the net in a horrible coffee shop.

A5 Browser (Android)

a5 browser


Android has a plethora of browsers at its disposal, but A5 is just a little bit different. Visually its a pretty looking browser, with a lot of similarities between A5 and the likes of Chrome and Firefox. What sets it apart though is its size. Coming in at only 500kb the browser is lightning fast, making it ideal for browsing on a very slow c0nnection – 2G your alright!