Apps of the month: June





Whether our bosses like it or not a lot of our days at work (or even out) are spent being distracted by our phones, tablets and electronic devices. Flipd is trying to curb that trend by limiting the time we spend on our phone. The app utilises a lock screen, that keeps you out of the device, but it highlights any important calls and messages, to which you can reply with generic responses so you dont get back into the device.






I’m not sure how many emails we go through everyday, but anything that makes that entire process easier is a positive for us. Take Spark for example… a new email client that aims to simplify the entire experience. They do this by using smart filters in the inbox, notifications that come up (only from important people), an exquisite email viewer and an interface that really stands out from the crowd.






Considering the amount of photos selfies everyday, to have a great app to edit our photos would be nice. In comes Pixelmator. This app is dedicated to making your glum photos look excellent. Its a photo editor with a ridiculous array of tools that will allow you to change everything from the contrast and filters to the curves and light emission all with unrivalled accuracy.






Living in England and thinking about the weather will make your brain hurt, which is why ‘Fresh Air’ is such a good app to have on your device. The app intuitively plans out your day by scanning humidity and accurately predicting the day and the week ahead so you know if it really is a good idea to don those flip flops and shorts. Fresh is also able to integrate itself with your Calendar, so ahead of your meeting you know what sort of attire your able to wear, all of this wrapped in a gorgeous veneer.


Moleskin Timepage


moleskine timepage


We all known Moleskins work in the real world, with their brilliant range of notebooks. Now though they’ve jumped into the digital world and absolutely smashed it with their ‘Timepage’ calendar. Unlike most other calendars, this particular one takes a long linear approach, with all the usual features, but what really makes it stand out is its aesthetics… and that I’ll let speak for itself.


Powered Now: invoicing App



Anyone running their own company knows how much time and effort it takes to do your taxes, run the invoices and filter through finances in general. Which is where ‘Powered Now’ comes from. This iOS only app, is essentially an invoice creator (with a number of pretty decent templates to choose from) that will make the act of invoicing a doddle. It can set up automated monthly invoices, be edited easily, use multiple currency with real time conversion among a plethora of other things, all in a beautiful veneer. You’ll wan this one on your iPhone.