Apps of the Month: April

Pocket Casts It shows how cyclical trends are with Podcasts garnering a resurgence over the past few years, with a lot of us at Hybrid Eye spending our days listening to them as we work. ‘Pocket ... read more

Apps of the Month: March

iA Writer One of the most well respected apps for writers finally comes to Android. iA Writer is an app that has been worshipped by Mac users for years, thanks to its minimalist interface that really ... read more

Apps of the Month: February

Popkey   As long as you haven’t been under a rock for the past year or two you would have noticed how popular .Gif’s have become. Not only to the wider world but within the design ... read more

Valentine’s Special: My Client Loves Me

We all like to be loved. Flowers, chocolates, fine wine is great anytime of the year, so we wanted to share something with you. Our top valentinesque tips for having a great (work) relationship with your ... read more

Future Predictions 2015

With every New Year we are introduced to new, exciting, weird and wonderful philosophies, ideas and trends within the creative industry. Rather than us shooting at you each and every new concept that might ... read more